Can a grandmother Sue a biological parent for child support?

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Can a grandmother Sue a biological parent for child support?

Such a methodology has allowed for grandparents to sue biological parents for support of children who are in their custody. In Department of Health and Rehabiliative Services v. Thomas, the court determined that a grandmother who had custody of a child was entitled to child support payments from the child’s father.

Q. Can a grandma get child support?

Child Support – If you provide care for your grandchild for at least 35% of the time you may be able to receive child support from the child’s parents. You would have to apply for a child support assessment through the Department of Human Services (Child Support) (DHS Child Support).

Q. Do I have to let grandparents see my child?

Unless a grandparent has secured a court order granting them visitation, a parent is under no legal obligation to allow a grandparent to see their grandchild. In fact, barring a court order, a parent has the constitutional right to say no.

Q. Where are grandparents required to pay child support?

One parent cannot be found but their parents (the grandparents) can be found. States where grandparents may be required to pay for the support of their grandchildren include: Wyoming.

Q. Who is responsible for the support of a grandchild?

On this foundation that a parent is responsible for the support of his or her child was built the general principle that a grandparent is not responsible for the support of his or her grandchild. E.g., In re Gollahon, 303 Ill. App. 3d 254, 707 N.E.2d 735 (1999); Blalock v. Blalock, 559 S.W.2d 442 (Tex. App.-Houston [14th Dist.] 1977, no writ).

Q. Can a parent be ordered to pay child support?

Typically, the responsibility to pay child support falls on the parents of the child, not the parents’ parents. After all, the grandparents didn’t decide to have a grandchild. However, there are some exceptions where grandparents can and may be ordered to take up the slack and pay (grand)child support.

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