Can a person be an authorized user on a Bank of America credit card?

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Can a person be an authorized user on a Bank of America credit card?

You can help family members or friends struggling with a low credit score by adding them as authorized users on your Bank of America credit card. But be careful. Once you add someone as an authorized user, that person gains full access to your credit card account.

Q. Is an authorized user responsible for credit card payment?

Being an authorized user means you can use someone else’s credit card in your name. As an authorized user, you’re not legally responsible to pay the credit card bill or any debts that build up. This is still the primary account holder’s responsibility.

Q. Does being an authorized user help payment history?

Becoming an authorized user on a credit card is one way to improve your credit history without having to be on the hook for monthly payments. Authorized users don’t have the same abilities as a primary cardholder, so they won’t be able to increase the credit line, add more authorized users or redeem rewards.

Q. What does adding an authorized user to a credit card do?

When you add an authorized user to your credit card account, information from the account — like the credit limit, payment history and card balance — can show up on that person’s credit reports. That means their credit can improve as a result of being added to a credit account you keep in good standing.

Q. What happens when you add a Bank of America account?

Any purchases they make will show up on your statement, and you are the one responsible for paying for those purchases. Adding a Bank of America authorized user is a great way to help someone build or rebuild credit. All information about your account will appear on the user’s credit report.

Q. What happens to your credit when you become an authorized user?

Yes, authorized users do build credit. You can actually build a good or excellent credit score just as an authorized user on a credit card. When you become an authorized user, the account is added to your credit report, which means on-time payments by the primary cardholder will help you build good credit history.

Q. Can you add a child to a Bank of America credit card?

You can add anyone as an authorized user on your Bank of America credit card. There is also no minimum age requirement for an authorized user. You can add your children at a young age to your Bank of America account.

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