Can a truck driver take his wife on the road?

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Can a truck driver take his wife on the road?

Do the research and see what the various companies require, but make sure you choose a trucking company that suits you well. Even if you have to go on the road for a few months without her, those few months are going to fly by.

Q. What is the divorce rate for truck drivers?

Trucker Spouse: “Actually the divorce rate for truckers is 19.14% (trust us, you’re not the only one who Googled it), well below the national average, so my marriage has a better chance of making it than your does.” MIC DROP.

Q. Do doctors have a high divorce rate?

The study, published online in The BMJ, found that 24 percent of physician respondents had been divorced, whereas 25 percent of dentists, 31 percent of health care executives, and 33 percent of nurses had been divorced.

Q. What’s it like being married to a truck driver?

Being married to a trucker makes both of you feel like there is a giant wedge between you in your marriage. You feel constantly separated from each other, so why not take that wedge out and join him? Joining him on the road will give you insight into what he does, and give you quality time together.

Q. What are the challenges of being a trucker wife?

Trucker wives and their trucker husbands (or the other way around), face a multitude of difficult issues. These issues are not truly understood by anyone who hasn’t been in a relationship with a truck driver. A trucking job is a tough one and comes with many stresses. It’s nothing new. Trucking has always been that way. That will NEVER change.

Q. What are the rules and regulations for interstate trucking?

To ensure you, as a truck driver, comply with the applicable laws, you must determine which laws apply to you. If you are engaged in Interstate Trucking, you are subject to the rules and regulations (FMCSR) of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA).

Q. What to do when your in a relationship with a truck driver?

You should be proud of your truck driving career, but you have also committed your life to another person. At the end of the day, they should be your top priority. If it’s a must, spend some time for maintenance on your rig, but use your brain. If you overdo it, your other half will be left feeling rejected.

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