Can a UK company charge VAT in Ireland?

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Can a UK company charge VAT in Ireland?

When a UK company supplies a service where the place of supply is Ireland, no UK VAT should be charged. The same applies for Irish contractors working in the UK: if providing the service to a UK agent they would not charge Irish VAT. For your interest, the following are Fourth Schedule Services as per the VAT Act

Q. Do consultants charge VAT UK?

Management consultancy services supplied in the UK are standard rated for VAT. You will then have to charge VAT at the standard rate of 20% on the services you provide – this is known as ‘output tax’. You will be able to reclaim any VAT you pay on purchases – this is known as ‘input tax’.

Q. Do self employed consultants charge VAT?

The HMRC is clear that as a contractor or freelancer you must take into account the VAT on the full value of everything that you sell, even if you receive goods or services instead of money, for example, in a part-exchange, or you haven’t charged any VAT to the customer.

Q. Is there VAT on consultancy services provided to?

Vat on consultancy services provided to… Please login or register to join the discussion. If you are providing services to a Canadian company (assuming non land related) the Place of Supply is Canada so the supply is outside the scope with credit. What do you mean by ‘with credit’ please?

Q. Where does a business have to be to claim VAT in the UK?

It does not matter in which country where the business “belongs” or where it’s staff or technical resources are located. A guide to the place of belonging here. For VAT purposes, the UK includes the territorial sea of the UK (ie waters within twelve nautical miles of the coastline).

Q. Who is VAT registered recruitment agency in UK?

Q) My client is a UK VAT registered recruitment agency specialising in temporary staffing within the advertising industry. He was approached by a start-up UK marketing consultancy to help them find new contracts, and he found a customer in the US for their services.

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