Do the 36 Love Questions work?

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Do the 36 Love Questions work?

The 36 questions are designed to help two strangers develop feelings of closeness and intimacy. They may or may not “fall in love,” but the Arons’ research has shown they are effective at creating intimacy.

Q. Where can I ask questions about love?

Top 7 Websites To Ask For Relationship Advice

  • Ask Dr. Love.
  • April Masini. April Masini is a relationship expert and welcomes questions on sex, dating, and relationships.
  • Ask E. Jean on Elle.
  • Dear Prudence on Slate.
  • Marriage.Com.
  • Amy Dickinson.
  • Savage Love on The Stranger.

    Q. What is a good question to ask about love?

    On the topic of God’s love there are four questions: (1) Is there love in God? (2) Does God love all things? (3) Does God love one thing more than another? (4) Does God love better things more?

    Q. What are the best relationship questions?

    7 Best Relationship Questions

    1. What are some annoying habits of other couples that irritate you the most?
    2. What kind of a parent do you think you’d be?
    3. If you’re having a bad day, would you want me to leave you alone or spend time with you and cheer you up?
    4. Would you say that I understand what you are feeling?

    Q. Do You Now look for the answers to your questions?

    Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day.” “I don’t get it,’ Caroline said, bemused.

    Q. What’s the best way to answer a customer service question?

    The best way to answer is to share a story about how you handle customer issues when they arise in the workplace. In your answer, be prepared to give specific examples of good customer service either from your work experience or from your personal experiences as a consumer.

    Q. What’s the best way to ask a question about God?

    You know, this is a difficult stumbling block and question for many people. The simplest way to look at this question is to examine God’s nature and his desire for mankind. Look at the logic. God loves us and wants us to love him back.

    Q. Are there any serious questions with no answers?

    “Indeed, the only truly serious questions are ones that even a child can formulate. Only the most naive of questions are truly serious. They are the questions with no answers. A question with no answer is a barrier that cannot be breached.

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