Does TB Joshua have a child?

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Does TB Joshua have a child?

Serah Joshua
Promise JoshuaHeart Joshua
T. B. Joshua/Children

Q. What is anointed water?

Water is a symbol of life, so as this anointing water has been fasted and prayed over by Prophet Ed for 21 days, use this as a point of contact to life that is given through Jesus Christ for healing, deliverance and Breakthrough.

Q. How can I go to TB Joshua in Nigeria?

Call SCOAN directly if you live in Nigeria or are Nigerian. If you don’t receive any confirmation, then you can’t go to SCOAN. The phone numbers for SCOAN are +234 (0) 706-486-5517 or +234 (0) 705-807-9083. You can call any number to get confirmation about visiting.

Q. Is TB Joshua still alive?

Deceased (1963–2021)
T. B. Joshua/Living or Deceased

Q. What does the Bible say about anointed water?

Unfortunately the man of God cannot be in every country, or visit many places, so God instructed him to pray for bottles of water and distribute to people all over for healing, deliverance, and breakthrough. It is the anointing that will break us through and give us the victory. no verse say thay.

Q. Can you anoint with water?

People are anointed from head to foot, downwards. The water may derive from one of the holy rivers or be scented with saffron, turmeric, or flower infusions; the waste water produced when cleaning certain idols or when writing certain verses of scripture may also be used.

Q. Does TB Joshua have a wife?

Evelyn Joshuam. 1990
T. B. Joshua/Wife

TB Joshua children, wife Evelyn Joshua, Timi Dakolo, Fani-Kayode, odas pay tribute to di late prophet for im burial. Day two of di funeral ceremony of di founder of di Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Temitope Balogun Joshua wey also dey known as TB Joshua witness di presence of many dignitaries.

Q. What age is TB Joshua?

57 years (1963–2021)
T. B. Joshua/Age at death

Q. Where is TB Joshua grave?

Lagos, Nigeria
T. B. Joshua/Place of burial

Q. Who is TB Joshua daughter?

T. B. Joshua/Daughters

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