How do you explain span of control?

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How do you explain span of control?

In simple words, span of control means the manageable number of subordinates of a superior. The bigger the number of the subordinates a manager controls, the broader is her/his span of control.

Q. What are the disadvantages of a wide span of control?


  • wide span of control means that tasks must be delegated, which can lead to employees feeling stressed and managers feeling overstretched.
  • less promotion opportunities within a flat structure, which may lead to the company losing staff to other organisations.

    Q. Which of the following is an advantage of a wide span of control?

    Advantages of Wide Span of Control A wide span of control is less expensive because the business employs fewer managers. With only one manager, or a manager with a supervisor or team leader in the hierarchy below, most employees are all on the same level and can work with each other with clear delegation of duties.

    Q. What are the advantage and disadvantage of narrow and exclusive definition of globalization?

    In terms of globalization, narrow and exclusive means that the focus of the globalization would be limited to the country alone. Advantages of narrow and exclusive globalization. Focuses on the development of the country. Enhancement of the policies in a country. Supported by people.

    Q. Are the two kinds of span of control?

    Span of management is of two types; Wider span of management and Narrow span of management. Wider span of management leads to flat organization whereas narrow span of management result in tall organization structure.

    Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a narrow span of Management?

    A narrow span of management refers to smaller number of people reporting to a manager, while a wide span of management implies a larger number. The main advantages and disadvantages of narrow span of management are listed below. It is easier for a manager to provide guidance to subordinates and to supervise and control their activities.

    Q. What’s the difference between wide and narrow span of control?

    A narrow span of control refers to a structure with few employees reporting to the manager, while a wide span of control refers to a structure with many employees reporting to a supervisor. The advantages of a narrow span of control include the following:

    Q. What are the effects of span of control?

    A higher number of reports to the average manager will result in a flatter or wider chart, with fewer management positions relative to the number of individual contributors. The average span of control will also impact the company’s time to make decisions and cost structure.

    Q. What are the disadvantages of too much control?

    In simple words, too much of controlling can lead to employee dissatisfaction which in turn can lead to lower morale of the employees of the company which in the long run can do more harm than good as far as the company is concerned.

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