Is the narrator reliable or unreliable in the Yellow Wallpaper?

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Is the narrator reliable or unreliable in the Yellow Wallpaper?

The narrator of Charlotte Gilman Perkin’s celebrated short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” is considered an unreliable narrator. Initially, the narrator suffers from postpartum depression and her ignorant, domineering husband follows the “rest cure” to heal her.

Q. What is the moral of the story The Yellow Wallpaper?

The moral of the story “The Yellow Wallpaper” is that lack of activity and mental stimulation worsens, rather than cures, a woman’s depression. The story illustrates that women should be treated as intelligent partners in devising a cure for their own mental illness, not treated as children.

Q. Which statement is a theme of the yellow wallpaper?

Due to the inability to insert one’s identity, the narrator is driven mad and thus strives for self-expression. A statement which is a theme of “The Yellow Wallpaper” is B. Keeping one’s mind active is good for mental health. The theme of self-expression is important to keep one’s mind active.

Q. Why is the narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper unreliable?

The narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper is the most unreliable narrator because she has frequent hallucinations due to constant isolation and is treated as a child by her husband, leaving her with no control over her life.

Q. What is the narrator’s relationship to gender roles in the Yellow Wallpaper?

In “ The Yellow Wallpaper”, we can ultimately see the separation of gender roles within the two characters. John in the story is the upper class male, upholding a high standing occupation as a physician, while his wife does not even receive a name, assumed the narrator of the text.

Q. Which excerpt from The Yellow Wallpaper contradicts the narrator’s belief that she is improving?

There are so many things that are spoken up in the yellow wallpaper. However, the excerpt: “I don’t sleep much at night, for it is so interesting to watch developments; but I sleep a good deal in the daytime.” is contradicting the belief of the narrator that she is going on the path of improvement.

Q. What does the narrator’s description of the wallpaper in the yellow wallpaper reveal about the context of the story?

What does the narrator’s description of the wallpaper reveal about the context of the story? The narrator feels imprisoned by her life. The narrator thinks that the wallpaper hides a secret room. The narrator prefers to do her writing work at night.

Q. Who does the narrator see hiding in the wallpaper?

When the narrator finally identifies herself with the woman trapped in the wallpaper, she is able to see that other women are forced to creep and hide behind the domestic “patterns” of their lives, and that she herself is the one in need of rescue.

Q. How does the speaker most clearly demonstrate her temporary nervous depression?


Q. Who is the narrator of The Yellow Wallpaper?


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