Should the minute hand be put on the bottom clock?

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Should the minute hand be put on the bottom clock?

Explanation: Starting with the watch on the left, add 42 minutes to the time shown to give the time on the next watch to the right. 2. Where should the minute hand be put on the bottom clock? Explanation: The sum of the numbers pointed to by the hour and minute hands is always 11.

Q. What is the difference between the minute hand and hour hand?

The large hand on a clock that points to the minutes. Example: in the clock on the left, the minute hand is just past the “4”, and if you count the little marks from “12” it shows that it is 22 minutes past the hour. (The small hand is the “hour hand” and it is just past 8, so it is 22 past 8.)

Q. How many times does an hour hand in 12 hour clock rotate a day?

In its most basic, globally recognized form, the periphery of the dial is numbered 1 through 12 indicating the hours in a 12-hour cycle, and a short hour hand makes two revolutions in a day. A long minute hand makes one revolution every hour.

Q. Where should the minute hand be on the bottom clock?

Puzzle – 4: Where should the minute hand point to on the bottom clock? Explanation: Starting with the top clock face and moving clockwise around the others, the minute hand points to the value 3 less than that pointed to by the hour hand.

Q. Where should the hour hand be pointing?

Puzzle-1: Where should the hour hand point to on the bottom clock? Answer: Hour hand is pointing to 2. Explanation: Multiply the hour hand value by 2 and add the minute hand value.

Q. What is hour Handpoint?

more The small hand on a clock that shows the hours. It goes once around the clock every 12 hours (half a day). Example: in the clock on the left, the hour hand is just past the “8” so you know the time is just past “8 o’clock”

Q. What time should the last Watch Show * 1 point Captionless image?

Now, add “1” to each digit & you will get 2:31. Then, move each of these three digits to their left. You will get 3:12. As you can see, 3:12 is the time mentioned in the next watch.

Q. What time should the bottom clock show?

Five minutes to ten. Ten minutes to ten.

Q. What time should the last Watch Show 1 59?

Solution: A correct clock would have completed 7 hours by 2 pm, whereas the slower clock loses 5 seconds per hour i.e. 5 × 7 = 35 seconds in 7 hours. Therefore, the slower clock shows 1:59:25 pm.

Q. What is the time on 4th clock puzzle?

Considering the orientation of the clock, the time is exactly 4:50. To check your answer, just look at Hand B. It is indeed five-sixths of the way to the next hour marking, making this answer accurate.

Q. How many times will a clock display three or more?

On a regular 12-hour digital clock how many times would the same three digits in a row be displayed (e.g. 1:11, 11:12, 12:22) in one day? 34 times. These 17 instances will be visible twice in a 24 hour period. 34 times.

Q. How many times in a day the hands of a clock are straight?

Therefore, in 24 hours, the hands coincide or are in opposite direction 44 times a day.

Q. How do you solve the clock puzzle in Resident Evil 7?

To progress, read the ‘Clock Memo’ file on the globe, hinting at a puzzle – “The same time as all other clocks”. This tells you to look at another clock in the house, and change the time of the standalone clock on the same table to that time, which is 10:15.

Q. How many hours is Resident Evil 7?

That makes it longer than Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s 9 hours, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis’ 6.5 hours, and Resident Evil 2’s 6 hours. Here’s the full breakdown.

Q. What is the toy AXE for in re7?

Purpose. The Toy Axe is used to solve the shadow puzzle in the Yard where the Main House meets the Testing Area, which rewards the player with a Stabilizer.

Q. What is re7 password?

With the battle over, head into the lift where the Fat Man emerged and head back up with the back button. At the top, go through the corridor to a room with a burnt corpse a desk, with the ‘Memo on Burnt Corpse’ file stuck to it, giving you a passcode. We had 1408 on ours, but this might be random.

Q. Who Cures MIA or Zoe?

Because of this, you have to choose whether Zoe or Mia will be cured or not. If you choose Zoe, Zoe dies on the way to the Wrecked Ship, Mia sacrifices herself on the Wrecked Ship to allow Ethan to escape and you’ll have to kill her when she shows up later.

Q. Can you guess Lucas password?

Make your way through the corridor up here to a room with a desk and a burnt corpse. Check the file that’s stuck to it to find out Lucas’ password, 1408. And there you have it, that’s the password you need to open the door and gain access to the Happy Birthday VHS Tape.

Q. Where is the dummy finger in Resident Evil 7?

The Dummy Finger – This I found in one of the drawers in the hallway that is left of the opening in the VHS player room. Object Made with Celluloid – This is found in the new room which was included in the update. This object is found hidden behind a stack of televisions.

Q. Where is the finger in re7?

Go through to the room with the birthday cake and investigate the lock on the wall, and input those symbols to open it and get the Straw Doll. Use the Straw Doll on the hob in the kitchen to get the Dummy Finger (a nice nod to the Resident Evil 7 demo). Next, go to the kitchen and turn on the hub.

Q. How do you survive the birthday in Resident Evil 7?

How to Complete the Happy Birthday Puzzle as Ethan

  1. Grab the candle from the mannequin.
  2. Move through the sprinklers to activate Lucas’ taunting.
  3. Turn on the burner and relight the candle.
  4. Burn the rope on the door that leads to the balloons.
  5. Enter the passcode on the door with the Valve Handle inside.

Q. What does the dummy finger do?

Purpose. In the demo, the Dummy Finger is meant to be combined with the Object Made of Celluloid to create the Dummy’s Left Hand.

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