What are the rules for inheriting an IRA?

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What are the rules for inheriting an IRA?

For inherited mutual fund shares in regular taxable accounts, the tax basis gets stepped up to whatever their value was on the date of death.

Q. Do you have to pay taxes on inherited mutual funds?

Funds in both retirement accounts and regular taxable accounts are generally included in the deceased person’s estate. However, estate taxes are paid by the estate; by the time you receive the inherited mutual fund shares, any taxes typically will have been taken out of your bequest already.

You will have to include the interest income from inherited cash and dividends on inherited stocks or mutual funds in your reported income, for example. Any gains when you sell inherited investments or property are generally taxable, but you can usually also claim losses on these sales.

Q. Can you have beneficiaries on a mutual fund account?

Mutual fund accounts allow owners to name beneficiaries—in the event of the owner’s death. Mutual fund owners can set up a transfer-on-death (TOD) provision whereby the fund’s assets would transfer to the beneficiary.

Q. What are the taxes on inherited mutual funds?

If you inherit an IRA from your spouse, it can have all the same distribution rules as your own personal IRA, but an IRA inherited from someone other than your spouse may have other distribution rules and policies. IRAs and inherited IRAs are tax-deferred accounts.

Q. How can I transfer my inherited mutual fund?

1 Transfer of Inheritance. The executor of the estate that is the source of your inherited mutual fund will handle the transfer of the fund account into your name. 2 Sell by Phone. 3 Capital Gains Taxes. 4 Stepped Up Basis. …

Q. Do you have to turn over an inherited IRA to the estate?

If you have inherited an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) from a parent or any other relative that named you a beneficiary of the account, you do not need to turn your IRA account over to the estate regardless of what the will says or how the executor interprets the will.

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