What do you need to know to become a security guard in Tennessee?

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What do you need to know to become a security guard in Tennessee?

All candidates must complete a four hour basic course including one (1) hour each of: Orientation. Legal powers and limitations of a security guard/officer. Emergency procedures. General duties. Any additional training for weapons or other devices that are less than lethal he or she will use.

Q. Does central Tennessee need a security license?

Tennessee regulates unarmed and armed security guards. The state also licenses contract security companies and proprietary security organizations. Organizations must have a qualifying agent or manager who meets state requirements.

Q. What are the minimum qualifications for a security guard?

Security Guard Training Requirements There are no strict education requirements for becoming a security guard. Employers prefer to hire applicants with at least high school diplomas or the equivalent. Some positions, such as those in casino security or investigation, require postsecondary degrees or certificates.

Q. Do you need a license to be a bodyguard?

Only licensed PPOs can contract to provide bodyguard services. However, simply obtaining a PPO license will not allow a person to carry a gun in the open, which is a common requirement for hired protectors. In order to provide armed protection, a PPO license and exposed firearm permit are required.

Q. How much does it pay to be a bodyguard?

Although salaries for entry-level armed bodyguard positions may be relatively low, high-paying jobs for private clients may pay more. Hours are typically set for guards working at a security company, while personal armed bodyguards are sometimes required to be on call 24 hours a day, every day.

Q. What does it mean to be a bodyguard?

Read on to decide if this career is right for you. An armed bodyguard is a personal security officer who protects clients from such threats as assault, kidnapping and stalking. Armed bodyguards protect by assessing threats, planning routes and searching cars and buildings.

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