What does the air in the troposphere do as it heats up from the sun?

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What does the air in the troposphere do as it heats up from the sun?

The uneven heating of the regions of the troposphere by the sun ( the sun warms the air at the equator more than the air at the poles )causes convection currents, large-scale patterns of winds that move heat and moisture around the globe. As air rises, expands, and cools, water vapor condenses and clouds develop.

Q. What height is the tropopause?

The tropopause occurs at approximately 20,000 feet over the poles and at approximately 60,000 feet above the equator. The International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) assumes that the average height of the tropopause is 36,000 feet.

Q. What creates the tropopause?

It is formed with the aid of potential vorticity, which is defined as the product of the isentropic density, i.e. the density that arises from using potential temperature as the vertical coordinate, and the absolute vorticity, given that this quantity attains quite different values for the troposphere and the …

Q. Which is called tropopause limit?

The tropopause is traditionally defined by meteorologists as the lowest level at which the rate of decrease of temperature with respect to height (normally about 6 K km−1 in the troposphere) decreases to 2 K km−1, and the average from this level to any level within the next 2 km does not exceed 2 K km−1.

Q. How high is the troposphere in KM?

The troposphere starts at the Earth’s surface and extends 8 to 14.5 kilometers high (5 to 9 miles). This part of the atmosphere is the most dense.

Q. Which layer is coldest and hottest layer?

Coldest layer of Earth’s atmosphere is the MESOSPHERE. The temperature there is -90 degree celsius. It can even go lower. Hottest layer of Earth’s atmosphere is the thermosphere.

Q. Can planes fly in mesosphere?

The mesosphere is a layer of Earth’s atmosphere. The mesosphere is directly above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere. Weather balloons and other aircraft cannot fly high enough to reach the mesosphere. Satellites orbit above the mesosphere and cannot directly measure traits of this layer.

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