What is the covert repair hypothesis?

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What is the covert repair hypothesis?

Basically, the covert repair hypothesis contends that disfluencies reflect the interfering side-effects of covert, prearticulatory repairing of speech programming errors on the ongoing speech. This reasoning is argued to apply to both normal and stuttered disfluency.

Q. What was the independent variable in the monster study?

Yes, the Monster Study has one independent variable that is social labeling.

Q. How did Wendell Johnson die?

A heart attack in 1955 forced Johnson to resign most of his responsibilities, but he continued as a professor in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology until his death in 1965.

Q. Did Wendell Johnson have a stutter?

Wendell Johnson was born in 1906 on a stock and wheat farm near the village of Roxbury in central Kansas. Despite his stuttering, he was president of his high school class, captain of the football, baseball, and basketball teams, and valedictorian.

Q. What was unethical about the Milgram experiment?

The experiment was deemed unethical, because the participants were led to believe that they were administering shocks to real people. The participants were unaware that the learner was an associate of Milgram’s. However, Milgram argued that deception was necessary to produce the desired outcomes of the experiment.

Q. What is the Diagnosogenic theory of stuttering?

According to this theory, the problem of stuttering arises when a listener, usually a parent, evaluates or classifies or diagnoses the child’s developmental hesitations, repetitions, and prolongations as stuttering, and reacts to them as a consequence with concern and disapproval. …

Q. What is Diagnosogenic theory?

The diagnosogenic (semantogenic) theory for the onset of stuttering was initially proposed by Wendell Johnson in the early 1940s. It suggested that calling attention to a child’s normal hesitations (repetitions) could precipitate stuttering (Bloodstein, 1987).

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