What was the last state to join?

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What was the last state to join?

Alaska and Hawaii were the last to join the nation – both were admitted together in 1959….States. Ranked by Date that State Entered the Union.

Q. What was the 21th state?

List of U.S. states and their order to statehood

StateFormed from
21IllinoisIllinois Territory (part)
22AlabamaAlabama Territory
23MaineMassachusetts (District of Maine)
24MissouriMissouri Territory (part)

Q. What state first joined the union after the original 13 colonies?

Chillicothe was the state’s first capital. After the 13 original colonies, Ohio was among the first states to join the union.

Q. What was the last contiguous state to join the union?


January 6, 1912New Mexico is admitted to the Union as the 47th state.
February 14, 1912Arizona is admitted to the Union as the 48th and last contiguous state in the Union.
47New MexicoJanuary 6, 1912
48ArizonaFebruary 14, 1912
49AlaskaJanuary 3, 1959
50HawaiiAugust 21, 1959

Q. What is the 28th state?

Six months after the congress of the Republic of Texas accepts U.S. annexation of the territory, Texas is admitted into the United States as the 28th state.

Q. Which is the oldest state?

Maine is the oldest state in the union, with a median age of 44.9years….Oldest States.

2018 rankStateMedian age
2.New Hampshire43.0
4.West Virginia42.7

Q. Why are they called the 13 colonies?

Many of the colonies were named after the rulers of England including the Carolinas (for King Charles I), Virginia (for the Virgin Queen Elizabeth), and Georgia (for King George II). England also had colonies north of the Thirteen Colonies including Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Q. Which is the first state to join the Union?

RANK. STATE. DATE ENTERED THE UNION. 1. Delaware. December 7, 1787. 2. Pennsylvania. December 12, 1787.

Q. When was New Jersey admitted to the Union?

List of U.S. states’ dates of admission to the union state date of admission Delaware December 7, 1787* Pennsylvania December 12, 1787* New Jersey December 18, 1787* Georgia January 2, 1788*

Q. What was the date of admission to the Union?

All others are dates of admission to the union. state date of admission; Delaware: December 7, 1787* Pennsylvania: December 12, 1787* New Jersey: December 18, 1787* Georgia: January 2, 1788* Connecticut: January 9, 1788* Massachusetts: February 6, 1788* Maryland: April 28, 1788* South Carolina: May 23, 1788* New Hampshire: June 21, 1788 …

Q. When did all the states join the United States?

The original states joined the United States upon ratification of the U.S. Constitution; dates of ratification are marked with an asterisk. All others are dates of admission to the union. [Test your knowledge of U.S. states’ dates of admission to the union with this quiz.]

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