Where can I get free tax help from AARP?

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Where can I get free tax help from AARP?

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide provides in-person and virtual tax assistance to anyone free of charge with a special focus on taxpayers who are over 50 or have low-to-moderate income. Tax-Aide volunteers are located nationwide, and are trained and IRS-certified every year.

Q. Is AARP doing taxes for 2021?

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, the nation’s largest free, volunteer-based tax preparation and assistance service, has announced that there will be adjustments to the program in 2021. Please note that the tax filing deadline for individuals has been extended to May 17, 2021. You can read the full IRS statement here.

Q. What is the cheapest way to get your taxes done?

9 Free (Or Cheap) Ways To Do Your Taxes Online

  • TaxHawk. Through TaxHawk, you can file a free federal tax return and file state returns for $14.99 each.
  • ezTaxReturn.
  • FreeTaxUSA.
  • Credit Karma Tax.
  • TurboTax.
  • TaxAct.
  • IRS Free File.
  • TaxSlayer.

Q. Is the AARP auto insurance program from the Hartford?

The AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford offers savings and benefits designed to reward members for being safer, more experienced drivers, plus access to a highly-rated claims service. No-cost, no-obligation insurance quotes are available. Added savings if you bundle your auto policy with your home or renters policy.

Q. Where can I find AARP car insurance assistance?

Our roadside assistance and towing service, RESCUE-1-800, ® is available to anyone with an AARP membership that has our car insurance. Simply call our roadside assistance and towing phone number, 800-322-7789. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more about the benefits of the AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford.

Q. When is the last day to file taxes with AARP?

If you need assistance figuring out the often-complex tax rules, you can take advantage of free preparation and advice from AARP, the IRS, volunteer organizations and some commercial tax advisors. The last day to file for most taxpayers is April 15.

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