Which food crop requires a lot of water?

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Which food crop requires a lot of water?


Q. How is crop damage calculated?

The basic formula is: Lost yield x commodity price x disturbed acres = Potential damage payment. Some land agents will accept any reasonable crop damage estimate; others may use your damage estimate as a starting point for negotiation.

Q. What are the factors determining productivity?

Factors that determine productivity levels. The level of productivity in a country, industry, or enterprise is determined by a number of factors. These include the available supplies of labour, land, raw materials, capital facilities, and mechanical aids of various kinds.

Q. How can crop productivity be increased?

Consider these 9 tips, techniques, and methods regarding how to increase your corn crop yield

  1. Plant Early, Plant Effectively.
  2. Practice Seasonal Soil Rotation.
  3. Know The Yield Potential.
  4. Always Scout Your Fields.
  5. Ensure Proper Water Drainage.
  6. Utilize Fertilizers.
  7. Test Your Soil.
  8. Weed Early and Often.

Q. Why do we need to increase crop yield?

It becomes necessary to increase the crop variety to produce disease-resistance offsprings of the crops. It also helps in providing better and superior varieties based on the quality and quantity of the yield.

Q. What are the major activities for improving crop yield?

Major groups of activities for improving crop yields for green revolution are:

  • i) Plant more trees.
  • ii) Reduce excess irrigation that can cause loss of fertility and soil.
  • iii) Use organic manure and fertilizers that should protect crop health but protect them for infestation.

Q. How do you increase yield in organic farming?

To keep good soil structure and fertility;

  1. Recycled and composted crop wastes & animal manures.
  2. The accurate soil cultivation at the right time.
  3. Crop rotation.
  4. Green manures and legumes.
  5. Mulching on the soil surface.

Q. What character of crop we can improve and how?

Gene Incorporation: Genes are responsible for the traits. Thus, we can improve a crop’s quality and quantity by incorporating the genes with desirable traits. This method is more scientific and results in genetically modified food crops. Crop production is more like a business in many countries.

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